Mary Ann Fleming   ""Smoochie""   Acrylic   16 by 14 by 2 in.   $225.00
acrylic paintig by Mary Ann Fleming
Mary Ann started her art career at a very early age. So far back she can't remember when she wasn't involved. Largely self taught, she goes where her spirit leads her, painting everything from landscapes to portraits, imprinting her unique style on each. Her favourite mediums are watercolour, oil and acrylic. She's also worked as an editorial cartoonist, a window designer, an advertising lay-out artist and an art instructor. During her long career she has participated in numerous group shows and many solo shows locally and nationally. Since moving to Nanaimo, BC from Timmins, Ontario in 1983, she continued to show and sell her work locally, mainly through Art 10 Gallery.

Mary Ann is also an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a member of the Nanaimo Arts Council.

[email protected] www.MyArtClub.Com/Mary.Ann.Fleming

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