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JULIE SABISTON presents SUNLIGHT AND SHADOW on the Art 10 Feature Wall for the month of May, 2019.

The whole wall Sunlight and Shadows

Art 10 Gallery March Feature Artist
Julie Sabiston

Wednesday May 01 to Friday, May 31
I am intrigued by the patterns that sunlight and shadows create. Sometimes the sun is the negative space peaking through the dark shady trees in the foreground. Other times the sun is shining on trees and flowers and lets the dark shadows in the background slip through in various shapes and patterns that form the negative space. 

These patterns of light and shade as well as direct shadows cast by objects add contrast and vitality to the colourful scenes in my garden.
Opening will be held May 4th from 2pm-4pm. We hope to see you there!

Light and Shadow on Hosta By Julie Sabiston

Poppies In the Shade By Julie Sabiston. Butterfly Bush By Julie Sabiston. Mending the Web By Julie Sabiston

Sunbeam By Julie Sabiston. Spring Flowers By Julie Sabiston Summer Flowers By Julie Sabiston. Twitter and Tweet By Julie Sabiston

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