Featured Artist

Coni Long will be the feature artist for the month of February. An exhibition of Realism and Contemporary Abstract Acrylic paintings titled: “FROM EAST TO WEST” (Canada).

There will be an opening reception on February 8, 2020, from 2 to 4 pm. The artist will be in attendance and light refreshments will be served. All are welcome.

coni best friends

“Best Friends”

coni road trip

”Road Trip”


LUX-An Exhibition Of Oil Paintings By Rod Corraini

Over human history artists have conveyed personal life experience through various forms of artistic expression. “LUX” is a series of paintings that does just that. It tells the storey of a profound event that forever shaped Corraini’s life.

Corraini retells a story, frame by frame, of the sequences of events, including: thoughts, sensations, and decisions, which occurred during an alarming incident three summers ago. Some parts cannot be recollected and are left out of the narrative. Recaptured is a recollected reaction which seemed to be surprisingly unusual to what had been really unfolding. It had inevitably saved his life.

LUX can be seen at Art 10 Gallery from February 29th to March 30th. An artist reception will be held at the Gallery on March 8th from 2 to 4 pm. All are welcome.

Rod s Show

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