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Pottery I By Virginia DunseithPottery II By Virginia dunseithPottery III By Virginia Dunseith

Pottery I By Ruth PorterPottery II By Ruth PorterPottery II By Ruth Porter

"IN THE GARDEN" is the featured show at Art 10 Gallery from March 01 to March 31. Potters VIRGINIA DUNSEITH and RUTH PORTER, both avid gardeners, will be featuring some of their favorite creations that are showcased in their own gardens: birdhouses, fish sculptures, mushrooms, flower pots, frog houses, vases, ceramic totems and even some slugs along with some items to use while enjoying your garden surroundings such as teapots and mugs.Be sure to check out the show presentation where you might find an item that could add a creative zing to your garden. Art 10 Gallery is located at Nanaimo North Town Centre and is open during regular mal hours. Every one is welcome.

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