Soon To Be Bouillabaisse   
Rod Corraini
   Soon To Be Bouillabaisse
22.5 by 32.5 by 1 in.
Oil on Canvas
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Year Created:2019
Artist's Comments: 

Rod Corraini is a painter that does not limit his creativity to one particular subject. He paints seascapes; landscapes; florals; people; and other genre in his own unique style.

Each piece can be a new experience and can be a part of a lifelong learning process. As he finishes each piece he gains new knowledge to apply to the next one. This is a scientific way of approaching art.

Mr. Corraini's work appears in may collections in North America; Europe; and New Zealand. People enjoy his contrasting use of colour and his fluid way of rendering line. Haveing a piece of his art is certainly a one of a kind experience.